Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't say spatula!

I think most parents, at some point, have to let their children know that there are just certain words they are not allowed to say. Children are like little sponges, and everything they soak up, seeps out at some point. Almost always, they end up hearing such words from simply walking behind employees in a store or stopped at a red light with the window down. (the words coming from the next car over, not our, just to clarify) You've probably figure out that this is going to be about naughty words and our kids, and you probably also have figured out that the word in question is in fact NOT the word spatula. However, it is another word that starts with the letter S. I don't think I need to go further than that. The following happened while I was on bed rest, and watching You've Got Mail (alone) in my room.

My bedroom is right off our living room. In fact, my bedroom door is right next to the computer desk. My bedroom door was shut, but I guess the kids could hear parts of the movie in the living room. (don't worry, Jeremy was home to watch them) Jeremy had come in the room to help me, and we then hear Bella ask Genna "what does s* mean?" (yup, that word is in that movie. I guess I didn't have my mommy ears on the last time I watched it) Genna then launched into a tirade, and had it been another child I would have thought they were doing this to try to get a free pass. What we heard was as follows: "Bella! Don't ever say s*! Mom said we are never to say s*! I know you just heard s* on the movie, but s* is a very bad word. If mom hears you say s* you will lose privileges for saying s*. S* is only a word that naughty people say and if you say s* then you are being naughty too."

Uh, yeah. We had a talk with both girls after that!

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