Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Uh, Happy Birthday, Penguia

On Monday night Bella announced that today is Penguia's birthday. You might be wondering who Penguia is (or you might not, and figure who or what ever it is, will just fit right into this silly family). Penguia is Bella's stuffed penguin she made at Build-A-Bear on her 3rd birthday. Anyhow, it seems that today Penguia turned 4 years old. Bella, being the good penguin lover that she is, wanted to make sure Penguia had a splendid birthday. Somehow in all of her excited chattering about today, I got roped in to throwing Penguia a birthday party. I made lasagna, fresh green beans, and garlic bread for lunch. (Penguia's favorite lunch of course) We played pin the tail on the mouse, and finished off our evening by baking a carrot cake (from scratch) at Penguia's request. (penguia helped, naturally) I even made my own cream cheese frosting, all for a stuffed animal. The things we do for our children........ :)

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