Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My children are a blessing......

but sometimes I'd like to bless others with them! (like when a "helper" comes along while I'm trying to fix a toy and in their attempt to help I quickly snatch up the super glue, which then explodes on my hands, and I spend 20 minutes in the shower with nail polish remover trying to get my fingers back to at least being able to bend.)

Having said that though, I'm actually very glad that in the midst of all the back to school madness, we are not part of it! Our declaration of intent has been filed, our crayon and glue boxes are stocked, we've been slowly working into our school work over the past month and a half (the last bit of curriculum will be arriving next week); all in all life is grand!

1 comment:

Mandy H. said...

ohmygoodness. Super glue all over your house? My goodness ... that would be difficult.

Enjoy your blessings! Hopefully they will be "better" blessings today ... :)