Friday, September 25, 2009

getting back in the groove

Sorry for the lack of stories lately, it's taking some time to get back in step with life. (funny how life just keeps chuggin' along even when you're stopped) Micaiah is doing great. He's healing up just as he should be, and personality wise he's back to himself for the most part. His schedule is a bit off though, and he's still sensitive to being left alone right now. We're also trying to get school going full time, which is a bit of a challenge right now because Nahshon has decided to start his terrible two's early. My mind has also been very occupied lately with dear friends going through one medical crisis after another. It's been a lot in a very little time, but I'm hopeful that next week things will smooth out (and maybe I'll come up with some amazing ideas to keep Nahshon busy and happy for more than 3 minutes), and we'll find our groove again.

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