Monday, March 29, 2010

His name is Noah

Saturday evening I was standing in my yard with my friend Stephanie, telling her I was very happy that as long as nothing happened between then and Monday, Jeremy was finally going to be able to get our bathroom finished.  Well, I guess I should've knocked on wood.  Sunday evening I got so sick so fast that I ended up in the ER.  The doctor ran a mountain of tests, only to come back with no answers.  Among the tests were an EKG, an MRI, tons of bloodwork, and an ultrasound of all my insides.  All that is, except the ONE thing we really wanted to see.  When the doc said they were going to be doing an ultrasound, but not of the baby, I immediately began thinking about how we might convince the tech to move her magical wand down two inches and let us take a peek at our little one.  After she ran her tests, she said she was going to very quickly take a heart rate of the baby, and Jeremy casually mentioned that if a body part happened to show itself, please feel free to tell us.  Luckily we had a very friendly tech who happily took a few minutes to look around, and surprise! Boy #5!!!  Can you even believe it?!?  Before any of the results came back from the tests, the doctor was already talking about the possibility of surgery. (appendix, gall bladder)  I told Jeremy this baby boy needed a name before the doctor came back with the results, because there was just no way I could allow myself to go into surgery without him having a name, if it came down to that.  (it's a very scary thought, to have surgery while pregnant and the baby still so young)  Jeremy rattled off every name from the Bible he could think of, and we decided his name is Noah.  God loved Noah, and took care of him in the midst of disaster; and we had faith God would do the same for our Noah if things turned out unfavorably with the tests.  Luckily, surgery was not necessary.  Unfortuately the doctor wasn't able to figure out what made me so very sick, and sent me home with vicodin and zofran.  Funny thing is, when we left the hospital, the rain was POURING and the parking lot was flooded!  I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that we've had a beautiful dry winter, and then suddenly we have a torrential downpour the night we decide to name our baby Noah.  Today I'm feeling pretty crummy, as if I've been steamrolled by a tractor, but I'm over the moon knowing we are going to add another adorable baby boy to our family. 

Noah Johnson Cranson

due August 16, 2010


Anonymous said...

In the midst of feeling horrible, what a ray of hope. Absolutely love the name, and what a super story to tell. I love that it will be written down on the blog for years to come!
Praying for you!

Ann said...

Noah was Faith's name if she came out a boy. I'm so happy to hear about the wonderful blessing of your new little man. :)

Kerry said...

I loved reading this! Of course, I'm sorry you have been ill but excited to hear the news of another baby boy!! We are especially partial to the name Noah. Ours is the sweetest little boy we could have asked for. Congratulations, Aubrey!