Friday, March 19, 2010

life is better with waffles

Isaac loves waffles.  He really, really loves waffles.  But not quite in the way you would normally expect a kid to love a certain food.  To Isaac, waffles show love.  If you are sick, he'll make you a waffle.  If you've done something nice for him, he'll thank you by making you a waffle.  If you've had a bad day, you're sad, you're exicited, or he just wants to show you he loves you, he'll make you a waffle.  You know you've really made it in his world when he makes you the "big huge". (two waffles, on a plate, with butter, syrup, a fork, and a napkin)  Conversely, if you make him a waffle, you will be met with smiling eyes and a bear hug, because he knows what you mean with that waffle.  To Isaac, waffles just make life better.

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