Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They do exist

This picture is off Google, not from the store I was at today, but it's just as heartbreaking.

Today one of Elijah's fish got caught in the filter.  Elijah freed him, but he promptly went belly up.  Elijah was very bummed, but since we have community fish, I told him we would be replacing the lost fish this afternoon.  We went to PetSmart and got a new orange tetra, and decided to stop off at a store called Pet Pourri on our way home. Jeremy told me he stopped there when we first set up Elijah's fish tank, and said they had a great fish selection.  Elijah has two african dwarf frogs, two glow fish, and two orange tetras, but it's such a big tank we've been wanting to add a few more residents.  We decided to see what this store had to offer.  Despite the fact that this store is right around the corner from where we live, I've never been there.  I walked in, and almost walked right out.  I could not believe what I saw: puppies in window cages!  I honestly have not seen puppies for sale in pet stores since I was a child.  I know shelters and rescues often hold weekend adoption events at pet stores, but I did not think stores existed that still sold puppies.  They had purebred huskies, chihuahuas, westies, and hounds, as well as "designer dogs" (which were formerly known as mutts) for $600-$900!!!  One of them was even on "sale".  A couple of them looked very thin and sickly.  We looked at them briefly, but I couldn't stomach standing there looking at these little babies and thinking our own little princess at home.  I just cannot believe these kinds of places are still around. So very sad.

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