Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A world unknown

Not long ago Bella and I were out shopping, and she spotted our favorite candy- Cadbury Mini Eggs.  She didn't even ask, just knowingly tossed them into the cart and we went on our way.  The moment the rest of the crew spotted the purple bag amongst the groceries at home, they started begging for me to tear it open and shower them with chocolatey goodness.  Isaac doesn't get candy very much as it is, so the idea of egg shaped candy was completely perplexing and overwhelming to him.  I dropped a couple into Isaac's hands and assured him they were in no way real eggs.  Just moments later I heard a strange tapping and when I turned around I saw Isaac at the sink preparing his egg candies for eating: by taking off the shell!  Poor kid, he was just too out of his element.  Thank goodness he has Bella around to show him the ropes.

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