Sunday, March 21, 2010

recommendations and non-recommendations.

Today I picked up Where the Wild Things Are from RedBox because Genna and I had both been wanting to see it.  What a sore disappointment!  It is such a fantastic book, and my kids are always filled with excitement and laughter when we read it together.  The movie however, was the complete opposite.  It was so sad and depressing.  The story line between Carol and KW was way too grown up and serious. The only thing I enjoyed was the music.  This is one that we certainly will not be adding to our collection, and I do not recommend as a family movie.

Seeing this movie reminds me of another one we rented a while back from RedBox; Cloudy With A Chance of Meetballs.  This movie remake was far better than Where The Wild Things Are, but I still can only rate it as mediocre.  Again, they took an idea from another fantastic book, but fussed with it too much and it didn't come out right.  Had the movie been an original, I may have liked it more.  Knowing the initial story line though, I knew exactly what was missing.  It's a great book that sparks the imagination of a child, but so much was lost in this translation.

On a more positive note however, last weekend we rented Princess and the Frog, which my kids thought was downright fantastic!  The moment it was over, Genna could not stop talking about what a great movie it was.  I didn't watch the whole thing, but did hear it playing in the girls room over and over and over and....... we ended up keeping it for 5 days! (love that about RedBox)  The music was pretty good, and I'm so glad Disney has another princess movie out.  This will probably be one that my girls (and boys!) do want to add to our home collection.


Anonymous said...

Hey Aub,
We have skipped 'Wild Things', having heard about the false impression of it being a kids' movie (kind of like 'Marley'). We've seen 'Cloudy' a few times and have been ok with it. And 'Frog Princess'? Watched that one as a family a couple weeks ago. Liked the girl's backbone approach, but had a strong aversion to the voodoo black magic in it. I wasn't really even sure how to address that with the kids except to let them know that real power only come from God.
Just some thoughts. Hope to see you soon. Easter Party on Friday?
Love you, and hope the work situation is looking up.

Kerry said...

Thank you for taking the time to send me your review. It sure saved me the time and trouble of finding out on my own that it's a rotten version of one of my favorite books from childhood!