Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cool treats, good sleeps

Nope, not talking about Dairy Queen.  A couple weeks ago when the girls had gone camping for the weekend, Nahshon was being a bit of a pill. (imagine that, a 2 year old not cooperating!)  He ended up taking a nice long nap on the floor of the girls' bedroom, which for a time I thought was fantastic.  That all changed when he woke up though because I realized he had gone to sleep with an unwrapped ice cream sandwich under his face. (who gave that to him anyway?)  It was a sticky, icky mess!  Yesterday I was very tired and very in need of a rest.  I told the kids to grab a popsicle and let me rest for 15 minutes, and then we would all head outside.  I knew during that time Nahshon had climbed up on my bed next to me, but didn't think much of it.  When the other kids came in to let me know my time was up, I looked over and Nahshon and saw he had fallen asleep........... with a strawberry popsicle......... under his face.  Tell me please, someone, how does one sleep with frozen treats pressed against their cheek?  I've seen Isaac fall asleep with a bowl of ice cream on his lap; that I can understand.  Cold and sticky smashed on your face?  That I do not get at all.

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