Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the times I wish for hidden cameras

There are moments when I think how beneficial it would be to live in a house set up for a reality TV program.  That way, when I wanted to know who did something and everyone was pointing the finger at Notme, I could just check the tape. (poor Notme, he gets blamed a lot!)  Or, in last night's case, I could share a story that truly needs facial expressions to be re-told.  Let's go back two nights for this one.  I was putting away some stuff in the boy's bedroom and noticed something strange going on with the fish tank.  Upon further inspection of the evidence, surveying the scene of the crime, and interviewing potential suspects, I came to the conclusion that Isaac decided to fix up Elijah's fish tank with a HAMMER.  I don't think I need to elaborate on that situation any further as you can imagine what a headache that was.  The next day, after Jeremy spent a very long time fixing this unnecessary problem Isaac created, I opened up our food cupboard to see Isaac had put away an open box of rice milk on it's side, and it poured out all over two huge bags of flour. Two words come to mind: not happy.  (Isaac is at that age where he isn't always able to see the consequences of his actions, but understands when bad consequences occur and is very apologetic.) There was a third bag of flour which looked to be fine, so I set it out on the counter to be put away high in a cupboard.  Fast forward to late last night, I asked Jeremy to please go to the kitchen and put away that third bag of flour.  When Jeremy lifted it up, the entire bottom of the bag ripped off. Flour went everywhere.  Isaac was standing in the kitchen, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, looking completely bewildered.  Finally he managed to say; "I didn't do that..... I think God did that because I didn't do that!"  I can only imagine what was racing through his mind as he saw that flour bag explode; he'd already been in so much trouble over the last 24 hours!  Even if it had been his fault, I don't think anyone could get mad because his expressions are just so darn funny sometimes.  He's lucky like that  ;)

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