Saturday, July 24, 2010

pregnancy update

I suppose since we're almost at the end I should update on how things are going.  My official due date is August 16th, but we're really at a point where this baby could arrive in 4 hours or 4 weeks.  I've been having a lot of early labor symptoms since just before 35 weeks, and my body is labor ready; at my last appointment I was 2cm, 70%, and head was SUPER low. I, however, am not yet baby ready- still too much to do!  Finally sorted baby clothes last night, cleaned up the bassinet, and Jeremy picked up some newborn diapers today.  After taking inventory last night, I've realized I need to do a good bit of shopping this week!  Most of my gear was used to death by the last 3 boys, not many clothes have survived going through 4 boys, and a couple things I've had since Genna was born and without a doubt have seen better days.  I've been cooking and baking a few things to keep in the freezer for after baby arrives.  I've also been sewing up some swaddling blankets and burp rags for my little guy.  Overall I've just been trying to rest a lot.  We're hoping to keep him in place until the end of next weekend so we can get everything done, but I also just realized last night that after next weekend is Isaac's birthday! Like I said, too much to do.  On the flip side though I'm so uncomfortable and worn out from all the early labor, I'm really looking forward to being done. (I think Jeremy and the kids feel the same way)  I'm hoping this labor and delivery doesn't go quite as fast as the last one, but the Dr.'s and nurses I've seen over the last couple weeks are all predicting just as fast or possibly even faster. Yikes! That's pretty much the news for the moment, now I'm going to try to squeeze in a little nap.

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