Monday, July 5, 2010

Exhibit A

Just in case any of you need an example of how I could ever look at my children and think they are anything less than the smartest, most perfect people that ever walked the Earth, here you go-  Isaac came to me clearly upset and crying.  The problem was quickly ascertained; it seems he jammed his fat little fingers into wiffle balls and got them stuck...... on both hands!!  I carefully pulled him free and suggested he not do it again.  He agreed.  Through the whole ordeal, Nahshon was standing near, watching with frightened amazement.  Ten minutes later, Nahshon came to me, crying.  It only took one glance to realize what was wrong- Nahshon jammed HIS fat little fingers into the same wiffle balls I had just pried off Isaac's hands!  Even though Nahshon is considerably smaller than Isaac, he still managed to get them stuck. On both hands of course.  I suppose I should have suggested to ALL the children that they not jam their fingers into wiffle balls. Live and learn I guess. 

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