Saturday, July 19, 2008

Christmas in July!

Tomorrow we are having our second annual Christmas in July party! I did this last year with the kids, and it was so much fun. The kids started asking about a month ago when we were going to have our summer Christmas party again. I wasn't sure I was going to do it, but since Jeremy is going to be home tomorrow, I figured "why not!" Bella and I went to the market and picked up ham, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, rolls, pepermint candy ice cream, and salad. We are going to read Luke 2:7-14, make wish lists, color pictures, listen to Christmas music, and probably watch a little movie before bed. We will also make little paper stockings so Santa can make a mid-year visit and leave a little treat and a note reminding the kids to be good! I hung some lights tonight, and tomorrow Jeremy will pull out the little 4 foot Christmas. I also picked up some tarts from Yankee yesterday, one of which was mulling spices scented, so I will pop that into the tart warmer too. Can't wait!

Merry Christmas!!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds fun. Emily prays for snow all year around.........maybe, must