Monday, July 21, 2008


The kids started vacation Bible school today and had a blast! They are going to VBS at Alderwood Community Church (I heard about it through our homeschool group), and are using a program from the Answers in Genesis company called Amazon Expedition: The Ultimate Trek Through Time. (their link is under my homeschool stuff on the right) This week they will learn:

Day 1 - Creation–Destination Creation
Day 2 - Corruption–The Fall of All
Day 3 - Catastrophe–Water, Water Everywhere
Day 4 - Confusion–The Babel Rabble
Day 5 - Christ, Cross, Consummation–Sad Turns to Glad

As soon as I picked them up they were all chattering non-stop about everything they learned, the friends they made, the silly snacks they made, and singing me the songs they sang. The church is collecting offering all week to help a missionary family in Mexico buy a new car, and Genna has decided to give all her money she's earned from chores and the tooth fairy. They can't wait to go back tomorrow!

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