Friday, July 11, 2008

really neat puzzle or parent's worst nioghtmare?

I was walking through the Melissa and Doug section of Toys-R-Us, looking for ideas for Isaac's upcoming birthday, when this caught my eye. At first I thought "cool! A puzzle where none of the pieces actually come out", then I thought "this is a parent's worst nightmare!" It is a latch board with 6 different types of latches/locks. (you can click on the picture for an up close view) I know it's exactly the type of thing that Isaac would love, but my sanity relies heavily on the fact that he us unable to undo the locks on the front door. I started thinking about the target age range for this puzzle, and the fact that other companies sell products with these types of latches and locks to keep that same target age range out of stuff! Honestly, what toddler or preschooler needs to know how to unhook, unchain, or unlatch anything??? Lets just let kids stick to Velcro and buttons, and allow us parents one less thing to worry about.

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