Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm stuck

I had my Dr. appointment this morning, and I have been sent back to bed for 1 more week. My regular Dr. is not in this week, so I had to see someone different at the office today. I have a feeling if I had seen my regular doc, he would have let me off bedrest today. As it is though, I will follow orders and do what's best for Micaiah. I'm so bummed I won't be able to go to the zoo with the kids tomorrow; I so badly want to go for a long walk! Jeremy is looking forward to having some fun time alone with them though, and they all certainly deserve it with how hard they have been working these past couple weeks. I have come to realize that in pregnancy there is a huge difference between just resting and bedrest. I'm hoping Kerry is right though and that all this rest will result in lots of extra energy after the baby is born. So, to pass some time, who wants to make a guess of when this little man will arrive? Here's our guesses:

Elijah- April 14th
Genna- April 19th
Bella- April 24th
Jeremy- April 30th
me- May 9th

My due date is May 11th.

If you have a guess, leave a comment and tell me what it is!

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Ann said...

Faith's bday is April 30th so that would be neat if the baby arrived on the same day!! :)