Monday, April 20, 2009

Woohoo! Thanks God!

We have a Chrysler Town & Country, which seats our family of 7 perfectly. However, since we are going to become a family of 8 very soon, we needed to make some adjustments. Since buying a new car isn't in the cards right now, we figured we would have to replace the middle row captains chairs with a 3-seat bench. Obviously we knew there was a time limit on getting this done, but with all the hiccups we've had the past few months, it's just been pushed further down on our list of things to take care of. About a week ago I told Jeremy it was time to get on this. He started calling around different places and looking around on the internet everyday, but wasn't having any luck. Normally on Sunday our computer is turned off, but I forgot to shut it down Saturday night so it was still on when we got up Sunday morning. Jeremy decided to hop on real quick and just check Craigslist to see, if by chance, someone had listed what we were looking for. Not only did he find the exact seat that we needed, it was in excellent condition, and it was FREE! He picked it up last night and it snapped right into place perfectly! I'm so relieved that we were able to get this taken care of before baby Micaiah arrives. Tonight he's going to strip down the infant car seat and give it a good scrub, and tomorrow he'll get it in the car and all ready for our new little man. Have faith and God will provide!

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