Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter basket filling, my way

A couple years back, I decided Easter grass was by far the worst product ever made that continues to be sold yearly.  It is truly atrocious.  I warned the Easter Bunny that if he did not find a better alternative, the children would recieve their very own "lucky rabbit's foot" in the following year's Easter basket.  And just like that, Easter grass suddenly became a garnish that was used very sparingly.  For any of you out there that share my disdain for the horrid stuff (both paper and plastic varieties), I thought I'd share what our Easter bunny came up with:  First, for a few weeks leading up to Easter, he saves any plastic bags he gets from shopping. Second, he gathers tissue paper. (could be plain white, could be anything leftover from past birthdays that match the basket, or could even be pretty pastels picked up at the dollar store).  Lastly, he gets 1, count it, 1, bag of paper Easter grass to spread between all the baskets.  He stuffs the bottom of the basket with some plastic bags, covers the bags with the tissue paper, fills in the larger goodies, then sprinkles a few bits of grass on the empty spots where the small goodies or candies will go.  You still get that fun Easter look but the kids don't have to dig through a thousand tiny strings for their jelly beans, and you don't have to worry about killing your vacuum or your dog.  Plus, you can reuse the plastic bags and the tissue paper!  It's a win-win for all, especially the bunny that gets to keep his feet.

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