Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good motivation, or..........?

So, I'm getting ready to go bake a cake here in a few minutes (more on that later), and I'm getting myself motivated by browsing through one of my new favorite time killing blogs:

  • cake wrecks

  • Seriously, some of the stuff on there is downright hysterical. (some of them you  need to read the story that goes along with it)  There is also a handy topic list on the side bar if you want to skip straight to a certain area of awful.  Now, before you think I'm a cruel person that laughs at another's expense, let me tell you that all the cakes on this blog were made by "professionals".  They actually had the gall to charge for these! I would never laugh at a person's honest attempt to make a cake for a private gathering because, well, I'm not exactly a crackerjack with frosting either.  Take a peek though, it's good stuff. (sort of)

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