Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Each of the kids picked out a special present for Micaiah's birthday

Trying to hold his new Ball from Nahshon and check out the big present

Digging into his gift from Elijah.....

A new baby swing!!

It's not even hung up yet and he's already excited!

Isaac showing Cai the 10 pack of hot wheels he just *KNEW* Cai wanted more than anything else  ;) (Isaac started playing with little cars before he was even a year old, so he thought it was time to get his little bro started)

Showing Cai how to play

Checking out the very special card Genna made (which she later almost started a big fire with when she put it on top of a burning candle in the living room)

A new little baby pool from Genna!

Bella showing him the card she made

and helping him unwrap his new bubble machine!

Not exactly sure what this face is about

a new blanket from mommy! (I made matching PJ pants too)

the gift he tried to get his hands on many times when they were being made.....

new soft balls! They jingle, they rattle, they don't hurt when you brother chucks one at your face!

relaxing in his new swing with his new blanket
(he's actually fallen asleep in here a couple times!)

the cake!



Happy Birthday Micaiah!

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Ann said...

Great pictures! What a handsome man he is becoming. :) The cake looks amazing and delicious too! You must post the recipe!!!