Monday, May 17, 2010

he knows the way to a girl's heart

I was working at the table and Isaac was sitting across from me.  He then let out a long sigh and seemed to be staring dreamily at nothing in particular.  I asked him what he was looking at and he said "Just you. I'm your very best friend." How do you even respond to such a wonderful statement without your heart exploding?  I just love that boy, he's my very best friend.

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John'aLee said...

Hey girlie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for becoming a follower. I sure do appreciate it. By the way...I love the name of your blog!! So true!!
I was a single mom with 4 kids for many years....and I had the same sentiment as you...even though I was on my own raising them. And now they are grown up, 3 of them with kids of their own....and they are still my best friends!
You go girl!