Thursday, May 20, 2010

Send in the negotiator

It's no secret to any parent that sometimes kids are more influenced by other kids rather than the adults in their life.  Such was the case for me last night.  Isaac was being a pill about eating his dinner.  It was nothing new or a food he hates (In fact it was one of his favorites: chicken noodle soup), he was just being stubborn because he wanted to play Wii.  I told him he needed to eat 6 bites and then he may be excused.  Naturally, he tried to "cute" his way out of it. (big smile, tilting his head, so sweetly telling me he didn't want to)  Bella then piped up "How about you eat five bites, and then one more?"  Of course Isaac happily replied "OK!"  Just like that, the problem was solved and peace was restored.  Wish I could have thought of that, but I'm glad I've got a few professional negotiators to have my back from time to time. Thanks Bell.

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Rene' said...

Hey! I haven't read any blogs (well, a little bit of PW here and there) or even blogged myself much over the past 9 months or so. I just took some time this morning to catch up with you.

It seems you are all doing really great. I can't believe how close it is to another baby in your arms! It seems way too long since the last time we saw each other. Glad I was able to catch up "virtually" with you anyway. Your kids are definitely blog worthy! ;o) You are very blessed.