Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you God!

Like all kids, Genna has areas of strength and weakness when it comes to her studies. Math has always been an area of weakness for her. Genna and math just don't click. Last year we used Horizons math, which did not work for her at all. Fortunately, we are lucky enough not to be bound to one curriculum or a schedule, so we can figure out what works best for her and go at our own pace. After HOURS and HOURS of curriculum research, I decided to try Singapore math this year. So far things had been going well with the new curriculum, just very slow. We have been working on very simple subtraction, but Genna just was not getting it. She gets so frustrated and overwhelmed that she starts over thinking the material. Finally two days ago the light bulb went off! She whizzed through 19 pages in her math workbook in one day!!!! Yesterday we started a lesson on ordinal numbers. I know from past experience that she has had great difficulty with these, so I decided to do the lesson on my bed where it would be quiet and she could be as comfortable as possible. We worked together slowly through the first couple pages, then I encouraged her to do that last two pages on her own. By the time she got to the last page she said "this is getting really fun!" It is so amazing to watch your child go from tear-filled eyes to pure joy because they finally understand something! I pray often that God will direct me when instructing my kids so I can be the best teacher they need me to be, and clearly God is listening! So to that I say thank you GOD!!

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tami said...

Nicely done mom!