Thursday, January 7, 2010

In other news, stupidity is on the rise

Do you ever read/watch the news and wonder what in the heck is going on in our country? Case in point,
  • Chicago police may scrap entrance exam in order to hire more minorities . I think anyone that has beyond a 3rd grade education can see what a horribly bad idea this is. This is very simple folks. If you want to hire more minorities, but they can't pass the basic entrance exam, you send them for an education. What you don't do is pat them on the back and hand them a gun! Rather, point them in the direction of the nearest community college. They can improve their reading, writing, and math skills, and maybe even take a few law enforcement classes while they are at it. Doing this is not unfair because more than likely they will get their education for free. Then what you have is people who worked hard to get a good job, will be proud of that work and will probably be a better employee for it, and will be a contributing member of society. Easy as pie people.

  • To further illustrate my point, I give you the following:

  • Woman goes crazy for hamburger

  • woman punches window for nuggets

  • 911 McNugget emergency

  • punched for place in line

  • It's barely even real food! What is it about McDonalds that makes people act like this?

    It's a scary, incompetent world out there.

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    Mandy said...

    oh. my. heavens. seriously?! Sometimes I just don't understand what people are thinking and doing these days. Crazy.