Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reality TV, here they come!

Fat bellies beware! After watching the Biggest Loser, Bella has decided to add personal trainer to her resume. (this may come in handy when she opens up that sweet shop) She had the other kids pumping iron (5lb weights), doing sit-ups, obstacle courses, yoga, and what I can only assume were supposed to be push ups. Honestly it looked more like they were practicing their belly flops. When she wanted Elijah to hold the weight with both hands and lift it over his head followed by a sit up, he complained it was too hard. He walked off and she shouted "well, see you later big whiner!" Move over Jillian, here comes Bella!

If you are a fan of American Idol, then you know Simon will not return next year. Many papers are speculating about who might replace him and what might happen with the show, but I think I have just the right man; Micaiah. I know, he just a baby, but hear me out on this. He was watching the show with me and the girls last night, and every single time a bad singer came on he burst into tears. Not just tears, but screams! When they stopped, he stopped. When the good singers came on, he'd close his eyes and nearly drift off to sleep. No mean commentary necessary. If you make the baby cry, you are out. If you put him to sleep, you are in. He's perfect for the job. We'll be waiting for your call, Fox.

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