Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The wait is over!!!

Jeremy and I have never put much time into our bedroom. Wherever we have lived, it's usually the last place to get put together, and rarely decorated. With all the other things that have to get done, it just doesn't make our list of most important things to do. Two years ago, shortly after Nahshon was born, Jeremy and I decided a room switch around was in order. At that time Jeremy and I moved into one of the smaller bedrooms, which was once the girl's room. The room was princess pink with it's fair share of "wall art" from a young Bella just discovering the joy of hiding markers in her room for bedtime entertainment. We certainly didn't enjoy the pink, but didn't really have time to care. It was just a place to sleep. Well, after 4 homes and 8 1/2 years, we have finally created a nice bedroom for ourselves! Yesterday Jeremy brought home a beautiful new bed for us. (the only bed frame we've ever had has been those metal ones they give you with the purchase of a new mattress) He also brought home a can of paint, bye bye pink mess! After dinner he cleared out the room, patched up the walls, primed, painted, rearranged the furniture, built our bed, cleaned up the mess, and had us snoozing by our regular bedtime! We went shopping for new bedding too, but the search is still going. He also got me wall lights for above the bed so I can read at night without disturbing him, and now it will actually be comfortable to sit up and read in bed thanks to the nice curved back bed frame! :) Slowly we will replace the rest of the furniture in our room too, but this is an awesome start. I love my new room, thanks hun!

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