Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will I make it to the end?

Yesterday, as Bella was rounding hour 13 of her chore (Yes, 13 hours, spanned over two days, to sort and put away 3 standard size loads of clothes; one of which was just bath towels!) Elijah ran through the living room and stepped through a couple of her piles as he did it. In her very best southern drawl, she called out "Don't step on my clothes, they're prize winners!" Curious, I asked her exactly what prize they had won. Again in her new southern character, she replied that "they won the prize for laziest clothes in all the land." So, you mean it's not YOU that's lazy and won't put away the clothes, it's the CLOTHES that are lazy? "yup mama, that's right" All I can say to that is Bless Her Heart, and I mean that in it's truest southern form, if ya know what I mean ;)

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