Tuesday, January 12, 2010

status update

Since many of you have been kind enough to ask, I thought I'd just post 'em

Micaiah Gregory

*8 months old
*25 lbs (same weight as his almost 2 year old brother)
*wears size 18 months
*crawling army man style, and pretty darn good at it
*two bottom teeth
*sleeps through most nights
*smiles all the time, he's a very jolly little guy
*shakes his head and says no, usually for what appears to be no reason
*2 in. scar on his tummy has faded significantly and really isn't that noticeable, but does cause the skin above and below it to roll over the scar when he sits. At this point it's not really noticeable because has has a few other non-scar related rolls on his tummy too :)
*loves food and gets very mad when you don't share with him
*thinks splashing in the tub is the coolest thing he can do
*loves to cuddle with Elijah, and usually ends up falling asleep on his chest
*loves electronics (camera, cell phone, Flip video camera, etc....), always wants to hold them, thinks it's hysterical to watch himself on the flip (which he insists on holding while he watches), and then gets mad when you take it away
*plays cars/trucks/trains with the big boys
He is such a joyful part of our family and I'm so glad he's ours

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