Monday, March 30, 2009

1 down, 2 to go

I made it through my first week of bedrest, and I have only 2 more weeks to go until I'm free to move about again. This first week wasn't too terrible, but on Thursday I had early labor symptoms all day. Luckily, Jeremy has Thursdays off so he was able to be home the entire day. On Saturday though, the crazies started to set in. I woke up Saturday morning and was laying in bed pondering what I was going to do for the day when it occurred to me the only thing I was going to be doing is sitting! I tried to think of a way that maybe I could get out of the house, but then decided puttering around Walmart on one of those little motorized scooters would probably irritate me more than satisfy my desire to get out for a bit, so I just went back to sleep for a while. Today I spent a lot of time reading my Bible, which helped pass the day peacefully. Unfortunately we found out Saturday evening that after Easter, Jeremy's work is closing, which obviously means that Jeremy will be without a job. Since the smallest amounts of stress send me into full contraction mode, I'm choosing to just pray about it and have faith rather than worry right now. Micaiah's health is far too important and he needs to stay put for a little longer. Thanks to everyone that has been praying for us. Please continue to pray that these next two weeks on bedrest pass quickly and smoothly, and please pray that God will soon present Jeremy with a new job opportunity.

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