Monday, March 2, 2009

her first book report

One of the moms from our homeschool group puts on a book report lunch once a month at Alfy's pizza restaurant. Kids are able to give any type of oral presentation, and have their homeschool friends as a supportive audience. Some children give book reports, some share poetry or short stories they have written, some give reports on animals or famous people, some talk about a recent trip they took with their family, and some show off their newly learned reading skills. Bella decided she was ready to do her first presentation, and wanted to display her new reading skills by reading SAM from the BOB series 1 books. She went up all by herself, and did a great job. I'm very proud of her! When all the presentations are finished, every child that attends, regardless of if they presented or not, receives a coupon for a free personal pizza! It makes for an all around great afternoon.

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