Saturday, March 14, 2009

oh yeah, and this too

It's so nice to hear I'm not the only one that doesn't answer the phone! I'm glad all you wonderful people in my life understand where I'm coming from on this. I forgot to mention this one little thing though: Sunday. As I've been reading the Bible (as many of you know, I'm reading the Bible from cover to cover for the very first time.), it's become very clear to me what God says about the sabbath. This isn't something that just casually mentioned once, it is said OVER and OVER that we are to remember this important day of rest and worship. Jeremy and I have started making Sunday the day it is supposed to be; a restful day spent with family and friends, enjoying all the things that God has given us. We do no major chores on Sunday, and no school work. The computer goes off on Saturday night, and stays off all day Sunday. Emails will go unread until Monday morning. TV's are turned off, unless we decide to watch a movie together as a family. If you send a text that is important or has a time sensitive question, we will get back to you, otherwise you won't hear from us until Monday. If we are having a casual day at home we will usually answer our phones, but if we are out doing something with our children/friends/family, well, you can just read what I wrote about the phone in the post a few down. (and I think it goes without saying that you won't get ahold of us AT ALL while we are in church! ;) It drives me batty when people text in church or talk on their cell phones when sitting in the family room!) We want Sunday to be a day to recharge and refresh ourselves so we can start the week off right. We're not hiding on Sunday, so if you want to get together, feel free to shoot us an email during the week and we'll make plans! Otherwise, we'll see ya Monday!

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