Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh goodness!

Today at lunch Jeremy and I were having a discussion with the kids about friends and the importance of having Godly friends. What prompted the discussion was that a boy from the next neighborhood jumped over the fence today to play with the kids, but this is a child that we have observed for a long time and do not feel he would be an appropriate playmate for our kids. We explained to the kids that whenever we see him we can wave and say hello and be polite, but that we weren't going to be seeking out friendship and playtime with him because mom and dad don't approve of the way he talks and acts. Bella then announced "when he gets really old and dies, he's going into the pit of fire!" Oh goodness me! Jeremy quickly corrected her that this boy was still very young and had a very long time to get to know God and become a Christian. We of course then went into a discussion about how they can tell other children about God and let them know when they are acting in a way that does not please God. It seems Bella definitely remembers the discussion we had about heaven and hell!!!

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