Friday, March 6, 2009

That's what you get for being so good!

I had my ultrasound this morning, and decided to take Genna with me. She's been to many of the ultrasounds, and wanted to have a special morning alone with me. She was a little nervous at first (she always feels a little nervous at the hospital), but ended up really enjoying herself. She was telling the tech all about her siblings, homeschooling, her favorite foods, and pretty much anything else that came to mind. She also gave the tech a heart sticker on her hand for being so good at her job, and thanked her profusely for printed pictures from the ultrasound. The tech thought she was so sweet that she gave her a $5 voucher for the cafeteria (which Genna happily spent on a decadent chocolate mouse parfait) and a gift card to Blockbuster!

As a side note, the ultrasound went very well. Baby Micaiah is measuring right on track, and the placenta has moved up so it's no longer an issue. All in all, it was a very good morning indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray all the way around!