Monday, March 16, 2009

The best moments in life are often just memories

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to take a photograph with my eyes. (I realize that may actually be possible in my life time, but we'll leave that sci-fi/techno talk for another time) Yesterday when I woke up, Jeremy was out having a special breakfast alone with Genna. In his place though was one of the sweetest things a parent could possibly see as their first sight in the morning. Isaac was laying down sound asleep, and Nahshon was sort of cuddling on top of him with a look of pure joy and contentment on his face. I'm not sure when or how they got there, but it was absolutely precious. I knew if I tried to get up to get my camera Nahshon would hop off the bed to follow me, so I just laid there and let the memory soak in. After a few minutes Isaac started to wake up and moved Nahshon down next to him, and put his arm around Nahsh. They laid like that cuddling for a bit (until Isaac was a bit more alert), and then, being boys, it turned into a giggling, wrestling match. By the time they hopped out of my bed they were both alert, happy, and ready to have a great day. What a perfect way to start out a Sunday morning.

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