Monday, March 16, 2009

preggy stuff

I realized recently I haven't posted too much about the goings-ons of this pregnancy. I guess being that this is #6 and it's been fairly uneventful, I haven't really felt the need to write anything about it. We are in the home stretch now, just 8 more weeks until little Micaiah is due to make his appearance. As I reported earlier, the ultrasound went well and my doctor confirmed with me this morning that the placenta has moved up and is no longer a concern. The baby is estimated to weigh 3.5-4 lbs right now, which puts him on track for being around the 8lb mark at birth. Right now he's head down, and kicking and wiggling all the time. I'm tired a lot and my feet are swollen, which sometimes makes things hard. The kids have been amazing helpers though. They do their chores without complaint, and are eager to ask me if there is anything they can get for me or do for me. They have a wonderful spirit of service. They are also cruising through their school work, so I feel confident that when we end our year in May they will have completed everything I wanted them to in terms of school basics. (We had a slow start to the year due to my morning sickness) I'm also having contractions often, but I've been through this enough times to know that these contractions will keep up until about 37 weeks, and when it's finally safe for my body to go into labor, they will stop completely and I won't have another one until they end up inducing me. Just one of those things that makes life so interesting. On Saturday I went to the mall and picked up some maternity T-shirts and tank tops, and on Sunday I woke up to a snow storm. Another one of those little things that make life funny I guess. I've started making lists of things I want/need to get done before the birth, things I still need to buy for him, a list of school supplies for next year, etc...... I realize this means I've entered the nesting stage so I hope the burst of energy is right around the corner. The kids are getting excited and are constantly asking how many more weeks and days until it's time for the baby to be born. Isaac is still utterly confused about the whole thing. Every time I tell him there's a baby in my tummy he says "No, baby right there mom!" and points to Nahshon. Recently I told him it was baby Micaiah in my tummy and he said "Oh. Is it cute baby?" Haha! Gotta love two year old questions! I think that's pretty much all there is to tell at the moment. I'm sure as I get bigger and spend more time sitting I'll be posting about all sorts of preggy and baby stuff though. Just stick with me though and soon enough there will be pictures of this new little life on here!


Kerry said...

I was just watching Holly's birth video today and (sigh) it was so wonderful! Blessings to you as you finish up these last weeks and welcome another dear Cranson!

Rene' said...

Can't wait. I love reading your family blog, it is truly F.U.N.! Thanks for sharing!