Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the election

Voting day has come and passed, and Mr. Obama is going to be our next president. I had a feeling he would win, so I'm not surprised he did. This year I wasn't crazy about either candidate. My dad compared the election to arsenic and cyanide; take your pick. Because I wasn't passionate about either man running, I decided to vote based on moral issues. Yes the economy is crumbling and money is important, but only to a certain extent. My family knows very well what it's like to have money one minute and none the next. But, the fact is that when I die I will not be pulling my Radio Flyer wagon behind me with all my worldly possessions and all the money I managed to save. I'm disappointed Obama has views that are so opposite of my own, but I'm glad I stayed true to my faith and voted accordingly. I hope for all our sake, Obama does well in his position as our president. The world is watching, maybe more now than ever. We have a lot at stake right now. Even though I don't agree with Obama, I do believe we should support the president, even if it's not who we voted for. I'm not saying we should stand in the corner and be quiet if he makes decisions we wholeheartedly disagree with, but I won't be posting any of the emails I get that belittle him or undermine him as our president.
I appreciate Matt Linden's take on it (he's Annabelle's dad, his blog is listed on the right)
Republicans will most likely slowly learn that Obama is not intent on burning the country to the ground and dancing in the ashes (and even if he wanted to, there are other forces at work that will prevent him from doing so). Democrats will most likely slowly learn that Obama cannot actually walk on water or single-handidly "heal our land" (and even if he wanted to, there are other forces at work that will prevent him from doing so).
I can agree with this, which is why I'll be praying for him and hope others will too.
On a side note, the media seems determined to turn Mrs. Obama into a fashion icon, and this is something I can get behind! Any woman with power that presents herself in a way that is stylish, sexy, and conservative is what I want to see more of in fashion magazines. Out with trash and in with class. Sounds good to me.


Rene' said...

I think your attitude is great! That is how we should all respond to the disappointment. Plus, our God is a BIG God and who knows what He may have in store for President Elect Obama. For all we know He could change his heart tomorrow and his views can be totally transformed before he actually takes office. God CAN do that!

Kerry Reiniger said...

Yes, we're heading up his prayer team and he doesn't even know it! I threw out all those economic issues and weep for the babies. That is a pretty hard one for me. God does make it pretty clear though; there are positions of authority that you respect no matter who stands in them. I'm praying just as much for revival in this nation as I did on November 3rd.