Wednesday, November 12, 2008

remembering boat

Less than a week ago we were given a little goldfish, which Elijah decided to name Boat. Boat was neat because a few days ago half of his body turned black, and his belly was white. He was a neat little fish. Isaac decided that since he dumped out the entire container of goldfish food in the tank the other day, Boat must need something else to eat. Isaac then decided to mix some formula in Boat's water, that'll be good! I filled a measuring cup with water and scooped Boat out so I could clean his tank. Within two minutes Boat was belly up in the measuring cup! Oh dear! What happened. I dipped my finger in the water, it was warm. Too warm. Good golly I cooked the fish. The kids are devastated and are trying to come up with reasons why he died. They cannot believe mom cooked their fish. They refuse to believe it. Bella thinks Boat had an allergic reaction to the formula, got scratchy, and we didn't give him a shot from the epi-pen fast enough. Elijah is wandering around the house aimlessly saying how much he misses his friend Boat. You can email me directly with the worst mother award. Link is on the right.

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